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Bogue Banks Ocean Surf Fishing Locations, East to West. (Dr. Bogus,

  1. Macon State Park at Beaufort inlet. Ocean, rock jetty and inlet fishing down to the CG fence.
    1. Nature trail, Visitors’ Center, summer concerts too.
    2. Don’t forget the swimming beach to the west, renovated pavilion.
  2. Atlantic Beach
    1. Henderson Street Atlantic Beach town access (former location of Triple S Pier).
    2. New Bern Street Atlantic Beach, town access, just east of Oceanana Fishing Pier.
    3. Oceanana Pier.
    4. The “Circle” in Atlantic Beach.
    5. Sheraton/Double Tree Hotel, far west end of Atlantic Beach.
  3. Pine Knoll Shores has many access points labeled A-K (11 sites) I have listed ones I have fished
    1. PKS Access “B” at Knollwood St., mile marker 5 ½.
    2. Memorial Park at mile marker 6.
    3. Iron Steamer access “F”, site of former IS Pier mile marker 7 ½. The old wreck and pier are to the left where the stairs are from the houses leading to the beach. I fish all the way down to the Whaler Inn.
  4. Indian Beach/Salter Path
    1. Newly renovated Carteret County Beach access at mile marker 10 ½.
    2. Indian Beach vehicle beach access also has parking for vehicles mile marker 11.
    3. Indian Beach access on the high dunes just east of the old Indian Beach Pier around mile marker 12 near Emerald Isle Indian Beach town line. Pier was lost in 1999 to Dennis/Floyd.
  5. Emerald Isle
    1. Third St. just a bit west of the old Indian Beach Pier at mile 12 ½.
    2. Emerald Isle Eastern Regional Ocean Access, former location of Emerald Isle pier lost to Bertha and Fran 1996. Mile marker 15.
    3. Bogue Pier. Lots of structure at and around pier. Keep 200-feet from pier to fish. There are markers on both sides indicating 200-feet buffer zone. Mile marker 19 ½.
    4. Emerald Isle Western Regional Ocean Access next to Islander Suites off Islander Dr. at mile marker 20 ½.
    5. The “Point” in Emerald Isle at Bogue Inlet across from Bear Island found near the end of Coast Guard road at the end of Inlet Drive. You can fish the ocean, Bogue Inlet walk north to the connected CG “Island” and also fish the CG Channel. Lots of options here. There is parking at CG Road and Station Drive.

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