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Dr. Bogus’ BOOK CLUB

  1. Science based on fishes and their world and the “why” (as we understand it) of fish behavior.
    1. What Fish See, Understanding the optics and color shifts for designing lures and flies.
      1. By Colin J Kageyama
    2. Through the Fish’s Eye, An anglers guide to fish behavior.
      1. By Mark Sosin & John Clark
    3. The Fisherman’s Ocean, How marine science can help you find and catch more fish.
      1. By David A Ross
    4. Sharks, Skates and Rays of the Carolinas
      1. By Frank J Schwartz (IMF)
    5. Historical
      1. North Carolina’s Ocean Fishing Piers, from Kitty Hawk to Sunset Beach.
        1. By Al Baird (NCFPS)
      2. Striped Bass Chronicles, The saga of America’s great Game fish.
        1. By George Reiger
      3. The Most Important Fish in the Sea
        1. By H Bruce franklin
      4. Striped Bass Fishing (classic)
        1. By Frank Woolner, Henry Lyman
      5. How To Books (Venue)
        1. Mike Marsh:
          1. Inshore Angler, Coastal Carolina’s Small Boat Fishing Guide
          2. Offshore Angler, Carolina’s Mackerel Boat Fishing Guide
          3. Fishing North Carolina (from the mountains to the coast)
  1. Joe Malat (Pamphlets)
    1. Pier Fishing, How to catch more fish from Atlantic and Gulf Coast piers
    2. Surf Fishing, Catching fish from the beach, when, where and how.
    3. Let’s Go Crabbing
  1. Surf and Saltwater Fishing in the Carolina’s
    1. By Jeffery Weeks
  2. The Complete Book of Surf Fishing
    1. By Capt. Al Ristori
  3. Coastal Fishing in the Carolina’s
    1. By Robert J Goldstein
  4. Surf Fishing the Atlantic Coast
    1. By Eric B Burnley
  5. Inshore Fishing the Carolinas’ Coasts, Finding and catching the most popular salt-water Game Fish
    1. By Bob Newman
  6. The Saltwater Fisherman’s Bible
    1. By Erwin A Bauer, revised by Bob Sterns
  7. Pier Fishing in North Carolina
    1. By Robert J Goldstein
  8. Specific Technique Books
    1. Fly Rodding the Coast
      1. By Ed Mitchell
    2. The Complete Kayak Fisherman
      1. By Ric Burnley
    3. How to Fish Plastic Baits in Saltwater, A complete guide to rigging and fishing plastic lures to catch your favorite gamefish
      1. By Capt. Jim White
    4. Flyfishing the Southeast Coast, A complete guide to fishing fresh and salt water.
      1. By Gordon Churchill
    5. Get Info!
      1. Ken Schultz’s Fishing Encyclopedia
        1. By Ken Shultz
      2. How to Read a North Carolina Beach, Bubble holes, barking sands and rippled runnels
        1. Orin H Pilkey, Tracey Monegan Rice, William J Neal
      3. Common Marine Fishes of North Carolina
        1. By Frank J Schwartz (IMF)
      4. By Vlad Evanoff
        1. Salt Water Fishing Rigs (Pamphlet)
        2. Salt Water Bait Fishes (Pamphlet)
      5. The Bluefish Cookbook
        1. By Greta Jacobs & Jane Alexander
      6. Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast, Common birds, crabs, shells, fish and other entities if the Coastal Environment
        1. By Peter Meyer
      7. Fiction
        1. Douglas Adams
          1. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
          2. The Salmon of Doubt (Terry Jones finished the book after DA’s death)
        2. All Fishermen are Liars, True tails from the dry dock bar.
          1. Linda Greenlaw
        3. Standing in a River Waving a Stick
          1. By John Gierach
        4. In the Heart of the Sea (Nantucket whaling & movie, based on real events)
          1. By Nathaniel Philbrick
      8. Non Fiction
        1. Casting into the Light, Tales of a Fishing Life
          1. Janet Messineo

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