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Groundhog Haikus:

Punxsutawney Phil / No furry shadow today / Winter’s door now shut. (or Sir Walter Wally)

Possumwood Puck (Jacksonville, NC)

Punxsutawney Phil/ Now aghast at his likeness /Winter’s grip lingers (or Sir Walter Wally)


Fishing Haikus

Morning calm, no ice/Steam curls rising from the rocks/Only loons, no trout

Fishing in the crik/Cormorants and pelicans/No wet net today.

Purple jelly beans/Tentacles searching for fish/Ouch, I’m not prey!


Super Bowl Haikus:

Second Super Bowl/No Vinatieri this time/Cats victorious

The Goff and the Prof/In Atlanta they will clash/The GOAT dominates

He is the Walrus/Venue, Hard Rock Stadium/Niners are fool’s gold!

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