Paul Brown, Corkies and More

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“The majority of soft–plastic fishing lures are made from plastisol, which is a vinyl plastic,” Mike says, “You can make lures as soft or hard as you like by simply manipulating the ratio of resins and plasticizers to change the plastic’s durometer.” Plastisol is a suspension of PVC or other polymer particles in a liquid… Read more »

Heavy Metals

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1) Johnson weedless spoon 2) Diamond Jig 3) and 4)  Stingsilver (3/8 & 1 1/8 oz.) 5) Crippled Herring 6) Tungsten Spoon (3/4 oz) 7) Kastmaster (3/4 oz.) 8) Hopkins 9) Kastmaster (1 1/2 oz.)   10) Thingama Jig 11) Big Nic Spanish Candy

Trout Ricardofeller

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Trout Ricardofeller by Dr. Bogus   Ingredients: 4-8 fillets of speckled trout 1/4 C bread crumbs-lightly browned in butter 2 garlic cloves finely chopped thyme (1T-fresh or 1t-dried) 1 T your favorite Dijon mustard 1 T lime juice 1 package spinach (fresh, or frozen, soft or crispy, just wilted and quickly sautéed) 2 T olive… Read more »

Emerald Isle Water Temperatures for October 2019

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Emerald Isle Water Temperatures for October 2019 October is a month of change…goin’ down! Unusually, there were an unusual number of days where surf and sound temps were the same. Surf was at a high of 81°, low of 69° with an average of 73.3°, just about normal for October is about 72°. Bogue Sound… Read more »