Heavy Metals

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1) Johnson weedless spoon 2) Diamond Jig 3) and 4)  Stingsilver (3/8 & 1 1/8 oz.) 5) Crippled Herring 6) Tungsten Spoon (3/4 oz) 7) Kastmaster (3/4 oz.) 8) Hopkins 9) Kastmaster (1 1/2 oz.)   10) Thingama Jig 11) Big Nic Spanish Candy

Trout Ricardofeller

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Trout Ricardofeller by Dr. Bogus   Ingredients: 4-8 fillets of speckled trout 1/4 C bread crumbs-lightly browned in butter 2 garlic cloves finely chopped thyme (1T-fresh or 1t-dried) 1 T your favorite Dijon mustard 1 T lime juice 1 package spinach (fresh, or frozen, soft or crispy, just wilted and quickly sautéed) 2 T olive… Read more »

Emerald Isle Water Temperatures for October 2019

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Emerald Isle Water Temperatures for October 2019 October is a month of change…goin’ down! Unusually, there were an unusual number of days where surf and sound temps were the same. Surf was at a high of 81°, low of 69° with an average of 73.3°, just about normal for October is about 72°. Bogue Sound… Read more »