Roanoke Stripers with Dr. B and Fly Gordo (5/10/01)

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Roanoke River Spring Shad and Stripers (5/10/01). Recorded, transcribed and slightly edited by Dr. Bogus with thanks to Fletcher Johnston and of course Capt. “Fly” Gordon Churchill. This was a chat while Capt. Gordon Churchill and I gently drifted down the Roanoke River looking for rockfish, a.k.a., stripers. Dr. B: Good morning, this is Dr…. Read more »

Spring shad on the Roanoke River (March 2006)

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Spring shad on the Roanoke River, By Dr. Bogus (March 8, 2006) That ding, ding, ding, off in the distance is a clanging bell chiming in the start of the spring fishing season. To some, that sound rings in the wakening of the redfish up in the marshes, to others, early season blowfish and sea… Read more »

Dr. Bogus and Fly Gordon Excellent Fishing Adventure (1999)

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Another Dr. Bogus and Fly Gordon Excellent Fishing Adventure: “The Awesome TRUTH about Roanoke River Stripers” 06 May 99 If stripers (Roccus saxatilis) are a special mystical fish, then fishing them in the spring run on the Roanoke River (NC) is a Zen experience, Nirvana as it were. The return of the Atlantic Coastal striped… Read more »

Crystal Coast CCA Banquet 3/19/16

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Join us Saturday, March 19th at the Crystal Coast Civic Center for the Crystal Coast Chapter of CCA’s Annual Fundraising Banquet. Doors will open at 6pm. We have some exciting raffle prizes this year including sought after firearms and top-rated fishing gear to get you ready for spring fishing! You won’t want to miss the… Read more »

O trout trout wherefore art thou speckled trout

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Reflecting back on the past 2015/16 season, how did you do with speckled trout? Well if you didn’t do very well, join the club, it probably wasn’t your fault, because not only did you do poorly, but so most recreational anglers and ditto for the commercial catch as well. Commercial includes internal water strike-netters as… Read more »

Emerald Isle Water Temperatures for January 2016

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Surf at Bogue Pier ranged from high of 64-degrees (New Year’s Day) to a low of 47-degrees with an average of 54.0-degrees (blue diamonds). Bogue Sound had a high of 66-degrees and a low of 38-degrees with an average of 48.5-degrees (red squares). January temperatures started very warm on New Year’s Day and shortly plummeted… Read more »