First “Mullet Blow” Dates, Since 1999

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Dates and surf water temperatures for the first mullet blow on Bogue Banks. For me, the day FALL fishing begins. We were right on schedule this year. Signs of a mullet blow began on Monday at Oceanana Pier and continues through Friday (8/30/16). This was not a very robust event but just the first.  … Read more »

Emerald Isle Water Temperatures for July 2015

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Surf at Bogue Pier ranged from low of 79-degrees to a high of 86-HOT degreesĀ  with an average of 81.7-degrees (blue). Bogue Sound had a Low of 81-degrees and a high of 89-degrees with an average of 84.7-degrees (red). Another amazing month, after a cold Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr. May started about 60 degrees… Read more »