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I got an interesting call from Lee Manning (Nancy Lee Fishing Center) yesterday about bonefish in the White Oak River. Lee lives along the WOR.  A friend of his saw fish busting from his dock and cast into the fish, hooked and lost 7 or so and finally landed a 20-inch fish that was IDed posthumously as a bonefish. I have seen them caught on Bogue Pier and from the surf on rare occasions, usually on a bottom rig with shrimp bait but never heard of them in the inside waters. I have also heard of snook in Pamlico Sound, but very rarely. A number of years ago I called an NCDMF biologist and her said that they apparently come in from the Gulf Stream but for some reason they were quite  a bit farther north than their expectations. Interesting find Lee, thanks.

These fish were supposed to be busting the surface, which is very unlike bonefish. Could these be ladyfish? I need to see a photo.

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