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Dr. Bogus’ “DrumBlitz” mini-Fishing Report for 11/9/13.

                                               Surf 67°,sound 63°.

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Blitz is German for lightning, usually related to the WWII air attacks by Germany on Great Britain, but in the fall we anglers think of the lightning feeding frenzy of migrating fish getting ready for their long winter hiatus. Of course historically, the Hatteras bluefish and striper blitz’ along the surf are legendary. It is what fall fishing should be, “a rapid or overwhelming outpouring of many things at once,” a blitz. The hair-raising excitement of busting frenzied feeding fish along the surf and anglers casting artificials, mostly metal spoons like Kastmasters and Hopkins etc. into the feeding frenzy, hoping to hook a fish or two before they move on down the beach and out of reach, then out of sight. This past week was such a week, red drum busting and running the beach, false albacore and even some bluefish in the mix. For several days running we landed big and fat  slot and above red drum, fat three to four-pound blues and even a couple of us beached some blitzing false albacore, heart pounding and holding our breath hoping to turn the albie before it spooled out line. It’s scary when the you the spool starts to show through the last few wraps of fishing line. It doesn’t get any better than this for a diehard surf fisherman that we are.


Did any specks show on the beach after the cold front? Any gray trout? Any spots in the ICW yet or the pier? What did the October water temps look like? Has the flounder bite on the beach picked up yet?  Any black drum around? Are the trout in the creeks yet? Need an update on Bogue Banks or Topsail piers? I got it! On Wednesday I surf fished from one end of Bogue Banks to the other, what did I see? Where are the stopnets? Any false albacore around? What did I catch at the Iron Steamer in PKS? One fishing pier is being extended another under construction, but where are they? If you want to bottom fish the surf, where are the hot spots? Black drum regs? Any changes n speckled trout size or bag limits? For this and much more, you can subscribe to the full “Totally Bogus Fishing Report” for less than 7-cents/day, still only $25/year. It’s getting close to summer fishing season, so there’s no reason for YOU to miss out! Just send a check for $25 and your e-mail address to:

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  1. Dennny Hardee

    Why is Commercial Stop Net or Seine fishing allowed on Bogue Banks and no where else?

    • Doc

      Grandfathered in along Bogue Banks. They are renewed by proclamation of the Director of NCDMF each year from October 1st through November 30th.


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