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What a bizarre month yet AGAIN! , Surf at Bogue Pier ranged from a low of 48° to a not very high of 54° with an average of 51.0° (blue diamonds) just a few tenths above February. Bogue Sound had a low of 41° and a high of 58° with an average of 50.3° (red squares), 4-degrees BELOW February. A plot through the data gave a flat horizontal line with a slope of zero. What a strange winter now early spring! By this weekend (April 7) surf temps normally are 59°/60°. So much for normal.


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  1. Tom Swantko

    Dr. Bogus,
    Hope you and Louise are doing well.
    Time of year has arrived but neither the water temps or the fish have cooperated. Do you have an email system in place to send out updates? That would be great, if not – I already have you bookmarked.
    -Tight Lines

    • Doc

      Water temps have been low and the fish are slow to come back this year. I do have a subscription fishing report that I send out every Thursday. Cost is $25/year. If interested you can send a check to:
      Dr. Bogus
      P.O. Box 5225
      Emerald Isle, NC 28594

      Thanks Tom,

      Dr. Bogus


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