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Dance of the mullets: jumpingmulletFish jump. Some jump for food, like the explosive sky shots of the king mackerel as he hits a bait and some like the tarpon for survival in their attempts to escape captivity when hooked. Mullet jump. Theories include predator escape, parasite removal, spawning behavior, aid to respiration and so on. My theory borders on the cultural and artistic; the dance of the mullets. On a morning early, with the idle chatter of mother nature unusually prominent, the creek was filled with the pirouettes of hundreds of mullets leaping. Their splashing return of silver droplets framed by the sun and with apt musical accompaniment of the high pitch of swallows on violin, kingfisher on piccolo, ducks and herons playing double reeds of the bassoon and oboe respectively and of course the woodpeckers-clearly percussion. Mulletcracker Suite, Mullet Lake or Dance of the Mullets!! Fish Jump.

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