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Surf had a Low of 57°, high of 68° with an average of 62.8°, very closet to normal. Sound had a Low of 56° and high of 69° and an average of 63.9°. April water temperatures climbed nicely through the month and a plot through the surf temperature data showed about 0.3°/day rise (slope of the line) in surf temperatures. Check out the graph, blue diamonds are the surf, red squares are the sound temperatures.

5 Responses to “Emerald Isle Water Temperatures for April 2020”

  1. Bruce Gay

    Hey Doc, while most of us are shut inside
    you are able to use your required attention to collection important scientific question of “can I get the virus from being in the ocean”. I have always enjoyed your monthly charts!

    • Doc

      Getting water temps is probably one of the safest things I do. Also gives me
      an outdoor break from my in-home quarantine. Pretty boring! Hope you are
      well and at least find my temps amusing!


      Dr. Bogus

  2. Benjamin P Butts

    I heard of your legend around the bait stores. You appear to be the wisest fishing prognasticator around. I must ask you, I live in the middle of emerald isle and limited to surf fishing across the street. I’m at 6912 Ocean Dr.. I can’t seem to buy a fish in the surf. Please tell me what you recommend this week if you were fishing where I am? Many thanks my friend, Benjamin

    • Doc

      Not all parts of the beach are equal. You need to check at low tide see
      where the bars and holes are which is where the fish are more likely to be.
      Sea mullet catches have been very good along with some black drum. Spanish
      and blues are showing up too. If you want, you can subscribe to my weekly
      fishing report. It$25/year and I send them out each Thursday.
      I’ll send you a complimentary copy of this weeks report see if you like it.
      It’s jam packed with lots of good info. If you do you can send a check to:

      Dr. Bogus
      P.O. Box 5225
      Emerald Isle, NC 28594

  3. James W. Lung

    BIP reports 76deg Sunday. Is this about right for this time of year. Be interested in seeing a summary of water temps over the years you have been monitoring. Have you published your info anywhere?


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