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Emerald Isle Water Temperatures for September 2022
Another hot month to start but temps dropping through the month with temps ranging over a 12° drop for the surf and a huge 19° drop for the sound. We also had at least 4 good peak runs of bait mullets during the month along with good runs of bay anchovies. Surf temps for September ranged from a high of 85° to a low of 73° averaging 81.2° +/-3.0. Bogue Sound had a high of 86°, with a low of 67°, averaging 79.3° +/-5.1. Check out the graph with its downward roller coaster swings, blue diamonds are the surf, red squares are the sound temperatures. Surf temperature line slope was a negative 0.3°/day fall in temperature. It’s fall, and early October has reinforced that with chilly north winds and a continued drop in air and water temperatures.

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