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Interesting month with water temps average to slightly below normal. The surf temps ranged from a high of 74 to a low of 67 but from mid-October on, were mostly 68° with only minor changes from 67° to 69° along the way, the average was 70.0° +/- 2.2° (2.2 is very tight) for the month and had a negative slope of about 0.20. The sound held mainly low to mid 60s with an average of 67.1° +/- 2.9° with a high of 72° and a low of 62°. It was another dry month except for Ian late September into October 1st. Fall fishing seems to be late this year and there is still plenty of bait shrimp and mullet) in the backwaters. Surf temps are blue diamonds, sound red squares.

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